General Wellness

(Non-Medical Nutrition Therapy)

If you feel you know what’s up regarding nutrition but are just looking for some basic guidance and accountability, then this package is for you! This package is also perfect for women who are thinking about or trying to become pregnant and want to optimize their nutrient status and run some questions by a dietitian. 

Many of us have a good grasp on nutrition, but implementing what we know can be challenging at times.  Let’s work together to bridge the gap between knowing and doing


Here’s what you get if you work with me: 


1 (1-hour) telehealth or phone visit

The hour is yours! Kelsey will have you fill out intake paperwork before the visit indicating the top 3 things you want to make sure you discuss during the hour. It could be Q&A style, meal planning ideas, troubleshooting, etc.  


1 (30-minute f/u visit) + Access to Kelsey via email for 1-month

It’s really hard to cover everything in 1-hour, which is why Kelsey is providing you with a 30-minute follow-up and unlimited email messaging to troubleshoot with her for 30 days after your initial appointment.   


A healthier relationship with food

No one's got time for fad diets and food fear! Let's sift through the facts together and find a sustainable plan that works for you LONG-TERM! You will leave with increased clarity re: making good choices.

Some things to expect:

  • Review of current food intake/eating behaviors

  • Discussion on sleep, stress, and self-care

  • Follow-up email within 48 hours to review the 1-hour session, realistic goals, and a list of Kelsey’s favorite resources OR a private Pinterest board with meal ideas if desired.

  • Positivity and encouragement

  • The ball is going to be in your court to take action. Remember that YOU are entirely up to YOU.


What to NOT expect:

  • A customized diet plan

  • Calorie counting

  • Focus on weight. I am a non-weight focused dietitian. I do understand that some people want to lose weight, and that’s okay, but we will be focusing on behavior change and healthy behaviors as opposed to a number on the scale. I want you to remember that you are fabulous and so much more than a number on the scale!