Are you suffering from mystery symptoms but no one has been able to piece together the puzzle and you feel frustrated and stuck?

Are your lab tests all coming up normal, even though you feel completely abnormal?

Or maybe you have a diagnosed autoimmune or inflammatory condition and are still suffering despite being treated with common conventional approaches. Maybe you’ve even been told that making dietary changes won’t help (NOT true, by the way).

I get it, I’ve been there!

The premise of functional medicine/nutrition is getting to the root cause of what is causing your symptoms, while using a whole-person approach. Kelsey will work with you to identify system imbalances going all the way back to your childhood that may be contributing to your symptoms. In using a whole person approach, you will be discussing things such as stress levels, toxin exposures, relationships, sleep, as well as nutrition.

Did you know that chronic stress can be just as detrimental to your health as a poor diet?

It’s pretty hard to not be stressed out when you feel like crap all the time, too!

If you work with Kelsey, you will work together to reduce system-wide inflammation and thus increase energy levels, reduce pain and improve mood (among other positive side effects). Kelsey may also suggest functional lab testing and supplements, depending on the situation. You are a unique snowflake, and your plan will be 100% specific to you and your situation.

Kelsey works with highly motivated individuals who understand that real, authentic change, takes time.  If you are ready start feeling GREAT, check out my services below and contact me today to set up an “Ask Me Anything” session.


Kelsey works in a virtual setting via phone or Telehealth.

If you live less than 10 miles from NE Grand Rapids, Kelsey will also do a home visit for the initial visit if desired (for an additional fee).


What to expect if you subscribe to work with Kelsey:


1 (1-hour) initial Assessment followed by regular visits and/or check-ins every other week

In the initial case review visit we will discuss your chief complaints, medical history,symptoms, lifestyle, sleep patterns, typical daily intake, and dietary therapies you have tried in the past. YOU will be be actively involved in creating your action plan. 


Access to Kelsey via email or messaging for the duration of your package

You will have one email check-in with Kelsey on weeks you don’t have a 1:1 visit scheduled. You will also have access to Kelsey via email for brief (think 5 minute response time) questions in between visits.  More detailed and time-intensive questions must wait until your actual visit to discuss.  


Private Pinterest board created just for you with recipe and healthy living ideas

If desired, Kelsey will create a private Pinterest board for you with around 15 recipes and/or healthy lifestyle tips after your initial visit. You will be encouraged to add to the board on your own as you work towards learning new cooking and nutrition skills.  


What to expect (continued)

  • 1-60 minute Telehealth or phone visit to go over your intake/detailed assessment forms and to start putting together pieces of the puzzle to form your best plan for healing.

  • Follow-up email within 48 hours to review the 1-hour session, list of realistic short and long-term goals.

  • Bi-Weekly 30-minute Telehealth or phone follow-up visits.  It is critical that we gain momentum by meeting frequently at first. If you would rather just email or have a quick phone call rather than the virtual check-ins, that’s okay too, but I want to make sure we are in frequent contact so you get the outcomes you desire.

  • You will be required to be an active participant in care plan development and be open and willing to try new things. 

What to NOT expect: 

  • For results to happen overnight.

  • Calorie counting meal plans.

  • For Kelsey to tell you EXACTLY what to eat for all of your meals and snacks – you will be playing an active part in your treatment and must be willing to participate in meal planning and ramping up your cooking skills in order to be the most successful.

  • Negativity.



  60-Minute “Ask Me Anything” Session

  • The purpose of this visit is for you to get know Kelsey’s style, ask basic questions, tell her your health story, and decide mutually if you want to proceed with working together in one of the below packages.

  • Please note that you will NOT leave with a treatment plan after this visit. Detailed nutrition assessment and care planning will take place if you decide to proceed with one of the below packages. You are also welcome to jump right into the below packages.


NOTE: Nutrition in the Mitten is currently only selling the 1-month subscription due to upcoming maternity leave in late July 2018.  Please see other options for the time-being below.

  Plant the Seed (1-month)                                     

  • 1-(60-minute) detailed case review/assessment

  • 1-(30-minute) follow-up

  • Email access with Kelsey for the duration of the month.

  • Private Pinterest board with recipe and healthy lifestyle ideas

Individual Visits

60-Minute Initial Assessment                                 

30-Minute Follow-Up (1)                                          

30-Minute Follow-Up (2-pack)